SQL Server - New management features in SQL Server 2012 (compare with SQL Server 2008)

FileTables are a special type of table that enables you to store files and documents within SQL Server 2012. These files and documents can be accessed from Windows applications as though they were stored normally in the file system. For example, you can add files and folders to the FileTable by dragging and dropping them in Windows Explorer. You can remove them from the FileTable by using the same method.

--Contained Database
Contained databases include all the settings and metadata required to define the database. Contained databases have no configuration dependencies on the Database Engine instance on which  the database is deployed, so users connect to a contained database without authenticating at the Database Engine level. An advantage of contained databases is that you can easily move them to other instances or to SQL Server 2012 Azure. Having all database configuration settings within the database enables the database owners to manage all those settings for the database.

--Server Roles
In SQL Server 2012, you can modify the permissions assigned to a new type of server role known as a user-defined server role. User-defined server roles are a new SQL Server 2012 feature. You can  use user-defined server roles to create custom server roles when using one of the existing server roles does not suit your specific requirements.

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