SSRS - Scatter Chart - Create bound line

There is a scatter chart made with 75th, average and 25th bound line in Excel (chart type: Scatter with Straight Lines), the problem is I need to execute some manual steps to illustrate this chart. First of all, refresh two data sources which come from SQL Server, then modify criteria for identifying plots and modify calculation for those line.


Crystal Reports - Cross-Tab - Dynamic column number, position and sub-total page number

There is a cross-tab be placed in the Group Footer of sub-report, and base on project's group policy to design its visibility, it initially groups by three columns: period, location and model, and horizontally expands to several pages for each model.

Access - Create module to execute queries/steps at a time

I have a Access database, and there are some queries used for creating table which based on raw dataset table. However, all these queries/steps are just double click to execute it. Every time you execute these step, there are 2 pop-up windows confirming to execute and finish executing, if target table exist already, I will receive one more pop-up window warning to confirm to overwrite the table, which it means one step click, receive another 2 or 3 pop-up windows. For example, I have 7 queries for creating table in Access, then I will receive 7*2=14 or 7*3=21 pop-up windows, and plus executing time(it depends on table size).


Crystal Reports - Create index page - Part 2

In Crystal Reports - Create index page - Part 1, the normal situation is 1 chapter tile/cross-tab/chart along with 1 chapter/table/figure index sub-report, and I have a sub-report which its number of total page up to 26. In this sub-report, I create a cross-tab and place it in Group Footer, unfortunately Crystal Reports doesn't support 3 tier sub-report, so I can't use index sub-report.

ASP.NET - Deploy Crystal Reports on web page

There is a new page - CrystalReportViewer.aspx, its HTML structure as follows:

Personalized email from recipient list of Excel

1. Draft an email in Outlook, set up the greetings of the email:
    Dear Client_Name, ..............................

2. Save email as template, in Save As window, select Outlook Template (*.oft) in Save as type drop down list, because the default saving path could be located in the Outlook system folder, so change the path you want to place the file.


Crystal Reports - Create index page - Part 1

I can create single or multiple chart, cross-tab and table in the stand-alone reports, and further make those reports become sub-reports and insert into the main report, then create cover page, page number to make whole report become complex booklet. The index function just like the last mile to composite a complete booklet/report.

SQL Server - Use table value parameter to make dynamic stored procedure

Before SQL Server provide User-Defined Table Types objects, I can't pass table value or dataset to stored procedure, I always input the string value to parameter, e.g. @Parameter1 = '1,2,3,4,5', then split it into temp table, or use other stored procedure/function to get dataset. This issue always bother me, especially I try to make a dynamic stored procedure.


Crystal Reports - Failed to save document

This problem has been annoying me for a while, especially when you design reports through Crystal Reports. I have tried many different ways which searched from Internet, but none of them work for my case, maybe it should depend on your reports situation to use different methods to fix this error message. Please see the following steps for your reference:

SQL Server - Check continued duration

This query helps me find the data which its activity/class/type continued same value for a while, check any abnormal data exist in the table.

SQL Server - Check missing data in the table

Here is the case, I receive two datasets (A and P) from client, then insert A dataset into A_log table, insert P dataset into P_log table, two datasets have relational data for specific machine (GGG_D1), there is a common field (I_id) to map two tables. In A_log table, there is start_time column to store date/time information of A event; in P_log table, there is even_date column to store date/time information of P event.

Merge CSV Files - Use DOS command through batch file

Gather all the csv files you want to merge into one, and place them in the same folder, e.g. C:\Test_Folder

Open cmd.exe, redirect to the target folder:
cd C:\Test_Folder